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Stainless Mixers for Industries

What is a stainless stirrer and what are the differences with reactors?

A stainless stirrer is a device made of durable material and is used for chemical reactions. Reactors, on the other hand, are large closed cabinets where chemical reactions take place or are carried out. Stainless stirrers can be used inside reactors, but they are not like all reactors. Stainless stirrers are generally used for smaller scale and less complex reactions, while reactors are used for larger scale and more complex reactions.

 Where are stainless industrial mixers used?


Stainless industrial mixers are generally used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paint, cosmetics, textile, plastic and other industrial sectors. For example, in the chemical industry, stainless stirrers are used in chemical reactors to produce or process chemicals. In the food industry, stainless mixers are used for juice, sauce, yogurt, etc. used in the manufacture of products such as In the pharmaceutical industry, stainless agitators are used in the manufacture or processing of drugs. Also in the paint, cosmetics and textile industries, stainless agitators are used in the production or processing of paints, cosmetics and textile raw materials.