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Vertical stainless storage tanks are vertical tanks made of high quality stainless steel, used for storage purposes. These tanks are generally used to store water, food, chemicals and similar materials. Vertical stainless storage tanks are preferred because they are corrosion resistant, clean and hygienic, easy to clean and long-lasting. These tanks are generally produced in various capacities and in various sizes and can be selected according to the needs of the enterprises.

Vertical stainless storage tanks are used in many different industries. It is frequently used especially in food, water, agriculture and livestock, chemical products, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and similar sectors. These tanks are the ideal choice for long-term storage of substances and are therefore preferred by many businesses. For example, it is used in the food industry to store fruit juices, milk, yoghurt and similar products. In the agriculture and livestock sector, it is used to store water, food and similar materials. In the chemical products sector, it is used for the storage of chemical substances. Similarly, it is used for the storage of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry and for the storage of petroleum products in the petrochemical industry.