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Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel is a type of steel that is resistant to corrosion. This type of steel remains rustproof and does not corrode under the influence of oxygen and other chemicals. Stainless steel is widely used in food, water distribution, chemical industry and other industries.

Features of Stainless Sheet Plates

Stainless steel sheets with high resistance to high temperature are widely used in many areas where there is generally high temperature and corrosive conditions.

It has a self-healing feature and is widely used because of its low cost.

It has high resistance to oxidation and is used in many architectural structures thanks to its bright appearance.

It has hygienic properties. For this reason, it is widely used in the food industry and medicine.

It provides a long-lasting usage environment and provides a strong saving area as savings. Stainless steel sheets, which are resistant to corrosion at high rates, have a wide usage network today.


Usage Areas of Stainless Sheets

Stainless steel sheets are one of the types of materials that are known for their bright appearance, offer a long-lasting use, and therefore are produced in a way that is suitable for use in different areas. When we look at the types of stainless steel sheets, which are not used for decorative purposes today, there are also special productions for different sheet metal usage areas.

It is known how much the usage areas of stainless steel sheets, which have undergone many processes, have expanded from sheet products with gloss today. These stainless sheets, which appeal to different areas, are extremely strong materials. They are preferred in all areas where water can be contacted, in areas with strong resistance to corrosion but desired to have the best aesthetic results. It is durable like stainless steels and at the same time, it has a wide usage area with its stainless feature.

Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures, stainless steel sheets are used in kitchen areas, food and medical industry areas, and all automotive industry areas. Stainless steel sheets are also used directly in white goods products such as oil and chemical fields, storage tanks, as well as washing machines.

Product features

Width / Diameter78 cm
Body Height100 cm
Foot Height20 cm
Total Height150 cm
Throat Diameter35 cm
Average Weight40 kg
Float Sleeve¾”
Outlet Coupler1″
Drain Sleeve1″
Capacity500 Liters
Operating Temperature -5°C +80°C